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Missing something on your Youtube channel? Are your videos aren’t having the desired effect, or do you want to up your game? Then keep reading to find out how to level up your Youtube videos with cinematic music! We will take a look at what cinematic music is, and whether or not to use free cinematic music.

What Is Cinematic Music?

Cinematic music is a term that you hear quite often. So, what does it mean? Cinematic music is a broad category, but usually refers to epic sounding tracks that feel as though they belong in a movie soundtrack. This type of music evokes strong images upon listening, which is why it works so well combined with video. Cinematic music can be from various musical genres, but what stands out most is its moving quality that evokes an emotion from an audience.

Why Should I Add Cinematic Music To My Youtube Videos?

In short – for emphasis, impact and effect! You can use cinematic music as your introduction music, for comedy effect, to accompany a trailer, or to highlight some amazing scenery. Wherever you use it, it will bring so much more to your videos. When I think back to scenes in movies, for example, I remember scenes in which I felt moved by the music. Whenever I hear the Jurassic Park Theme, I am instantly transported into the awe-inspiring glimpse of the majestic dinosaurs, roaming free. That’s the magic of combining moving images with music, and exploiting this will make your videos memorable and professional!

Can I Get Free Cinematic Music?

As with all types of music, using free cinematic music isn’t the best idea. You could find yourself entangled in confusing copyright conflicts whilst having to fork out a lot for the correct licenses and permissions. Alternatively, royalty free music found online may harm your video rather than hurt it. Cinematic music should be impressive, grand and sound professional, and poor audio quality will jeopardize this. Also, you never know if something really is free of copyright – so why risk it?

Where Else Can I Find Cinematic Music?

Luckily for you – Audiosocket have a huge catalog, which includes cinematic music! Not only that, but we have specific playlists to find your exact niche. For example, there are playlists such as:

… and so many more!

With our specific, easy to navigate playlists and huge catalog, it won’t take long to find the perfect track for your Youtube videos. Our tracks are used by the top dogs in Hollywood, so give your content the same treatment as an A-List movie! Simply subscribe or sign up for a free trial, and you will have unlimited access to over 85,000 tracks for your videos.

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