Audiosocket Community Music Licensing & Copyright

Many of your applications use music to enhance the experience. Gaming, health, fitness and educational apps all use music to some extent. Music keeps the audience engaged. It provides emotional triggers that build excitement and makes the entire experience immersive. When you’re thoughtful about how you use music, it makes your product memorable.

The problem is, music can be a pain to license. If you want famous content it can be near impossible to afford. Most of the time an artist manager, label or publisher won’t even respond to you. Stock music might work, but who wants elevator music in an app they toiled to create?

If you secure a handful of songs from up-and-coming artists, that’s a great start. But, music can get stale. Even if it’s an amazing song, hearing it over and over and over again becomes a bore. This is when audiences delete your app for the next new thing.

We know this because we’ve dealt with it. We license 1000’s of songs to our clients every month. Many of those clients create mobile apps, videos games and virtual words. We see how much care and attention they put into their work. They want music that is as good as the product they developed. We’ve learned from these clients. We understand they want high quality, affordable music. They want to refresh that content often and with ease. We’ve decided to act on that learning. Today we released Audiosocket’s MaaS (Music As A Service) application to the developer community. It’s live and you can access it for free on RapidAPI.

MaaS allows app and game developers to add incredible music to their applications without hassle. You can use as much music as you want. Curate our catalog of 60,000 tracks to deliver the soundscapes that define the look, feel and experience of your product. You’re in total control. Best of all, you can get started for free and Pro packages go for as little as $180 per month. We decided to partner with RapidAPI to release this offering, because they are the world’s largest marketplace for developers looking for API’s to enhance their products. We want to empower devs with tools that drive success without friction.

We’re excited to share our music with the community and can’t wait to see what you build.

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