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License-free music — or music in the public domain — is all over the web, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. If you hear the same, not-so-great songs on a variety of your fellow YouTube creator’s videos, the reason is likely free music. There are much better ways of going about expanding your audience, using modern, affordable methods of licensing. Cheaper, low-quality music is a surefire way to hamper your YouTube channel’s growth.

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1. Limited Musical Choice

With license-free music for YouTube videos, you find a track in the public domain and use it. The problem is that you’ll end up using the same, poor quality-tracks as lots of other enthusiastic newbies.

2. Risk of Stealing

Free music can be a result of one of two things: music in the public domain and music released under a Creative Commons license. The former is usually safe to use, but the latter present significant risk. First, music that is not for commercial use should not be used if you want to monetize your blog. And second, there is no guarantee that the creator has a right to that music. This means you have no process protecting you if the original creator decides to pursue a legal claim. If this is the case, and you get caught out, Google could punish your YouTube channel harshly.

3. Boring Background Music

Background sound can affect the mood of a video — highlighting captivating moments and punctuating sad times. It can be hard to find samey, dull-free YouTube music to meet your specific needs.

4. It Takes Ages to Find What You’re Looking For

With free music downloads for YouTube, it can take a ridiculous amount of time to find the perfect track. Even when you find a song you like, the chances of it adding a unique element to your video are low. That’s why you need a good music search engine that allows you to define what sort of music you are looking for.

5. License-Free Music Generally Sucks

If we’re just being totally blunt about it — you’ll struggle to find unlicensed tunes that don’t suck. When it comes to expressing yourself on screen, you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to YouTube music.

6. No Customer Support

If you’re finding license-free tunes to use on YouTube, you’re missing out on potential help if the process doesn’t go smoothly. Royalty-free and rights-managed stock libraries typically have extensive customer support to help you through the process.

7. Curated Music Libraries Are More Exclusive

Something that doesn’t exactly scream quality is having the same music in your YouTube videos as other creators, which happens constantly with license-free songs. With a curated music library, everyone has to pay a little to gain access. As such, the number of users is naturally limited.

Make your video content stand out by using royalty-free music for videos instead of risky, unlicensed records.

8. Samey Sounds Cost Subscribers

Not only do you run the risk of using the same music for your videos as someone else, but you risk losing fans. If people think you’re pumping out the same clichéd content as everyone else, they’ll soon switch off. Fewer viewers mean fewer monetization opportunities, resulting in your channel missing out.

Get Remarkable, Curated Music For Your YouTube Channel

Licence-free YouTube music can hold your channel back by making it look as if you’re not taking care of the finer details. If you want access to legit, royalty-free music for video, film, VFX, marketing or podcasting, visit Audiosocket today.

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