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You may have heard of audio engineers, sound engineers or even recording engineers. These are all different terms for those who work within the mechanics of creating and refining sound within music. If you find yourself wondering what audio engineers are, what they do and how they work then stick with us. Let’s dive in!

what are audio engineers and what do they do music industry

What Are Audio Engineers?

Audio engineers (also known as sound engineers) are professionals who work with the mechanics of recording, mixing, and reproducing sound. Their job is to deal with the technical elements of sound, and usually assist producers and musicians to achieve the desired audio outcome.

What Do Audio Engineers Do?

Being an audio engineer involves focusing on a lot of different aspects. They include:

  • Minimizing unwanted sounds
  • Regulating volume levels and sound quality
  • Setting up ambient sound microphones
  • Collaborating with producers, artists and so on
  • Working on live productions
  • Communicating with clients to meet their expectations
  • Equipment maintenance and repairs

Audio engineers don’t necessarily work solely on audio projects. They can also work on projects that include video, although their focus is purely on the sound elements of the project.

Different Types Of Audio Engineers

different types of audio engineers recording engineer mix engineer

There are a few subcategories of audio engineers. Let’s take a look at some!

Studio Engineer

A studio engineer works closely with producers in the setting of a studio. In some cases, studio engineers also act as the producer and work independently.

Assistant Engineer

Like studio engineers, assistant engineers usually work in studios. They act as apprentices to studio engineers.

Recording Engineer

Recording engineers focus specifically on recording sound, rather than manipulating the outcome.

Mix / Master Engineer

These are two separate types of engineer, but can also be the same person. Mix engineers focus on mixing together different tracks to make a finished track. Mastering engineers then smooth over the results created by the mix engineer to polish the final product.

Live Sound Engineer

Live Sound Engineers work at live events. They ensure that the music is clear, at the right volume and the highest quality possible for the audience.

There are other notable types of audio engineers, such as Game & Audio Design Engineer, Monitor Engineers, System Engineers and more!

What Do You Need To Become An Audio Engineer?

what do you need to become an audio engineer qualifications

Audio engineers usually require training, as with many job roles. Vocational programs work well for wannabe audio engineers, giving them a chance to work with equipment and learn on the job. The Society of Broadcast Engineers also offer an exam to become a certified audio engineer (CEA). To take the exam, you must have five years experience in the field. It is worth looking into, as the certification can make engineers more appealing as job candidates.

Skills & Competencies

There are a lot of technical skills needed to be an audio engineer, which usually develop through training and experience. Here are some non-technical competencies that will benefit audio engineers:

  • Problem Solving: When working with technical elements, you need to problem solve to find issues and resolve them through repairs or adjustments.
  • Critical Thinking: It’s important to be able to come up with alternative solutions when any problems arise.
  • A Good Ear For Music: Audio engineers must monitor volume levels, sound quality and so on. Therefore, you should know your stuff when it comes to music and critical listening.
  • Communication: As an audio engineer, you will be working with various creatives. Therefore, you should possess excellent speaking and listening skills, and work well as part of a team.
  • Manual Dexterity: Being technically-minded will help with this one. If you’re a pro at setting up equipment, working with wires and adjusting settings using buttons, then you have manual dexterity!

Final Thoughts

Audio engineers may not be members of the music industry that are on everybody’s radar, but they should be! They play an important role in music, and possess impressive technical skills that take projects to new levels. If you’re an artist, we would recommend looking into audio engineers for your next musical project!

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