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Sound design and sound effects can make all the difference when used in video content. Whether it is in a film, YouTube video, advertisement or travel vlog, sound accentuates the action and connects with the audience. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some incredible tracks that would work best in film scenes. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for film sound design!

Film sound design our top picks best sound design tracks

Film Sound Design Tracks

Underwater Tapes

This track perfectly encompasses the weightless feeling of water. With gentle strings and a heavy dose of ambience, this track would be the perfect addition to any water based scenes in a film.

Creeping Death 1

If you’re looking to build eerie supense in your film, this one is for you. This track builds on a motif of a clock ticking before spooky Sci-Fi strings hit you in the face. It’s all in the name – this slow burner is just begging to be utilised in a ‘home alone, something’s outside’ scene.

Mechanical Toys

This piece is both peaceful and suspenseful – and we even think it would work fantastically as Intro or Credits music for your next film. With gentle bells and electronic jabs, this track is as intriguing as it is unsettling.

Intensity Ahead

It’s all in the name for this short track! If you need a quick moment of intense surprise, this track has got you covered.

Yearning Regret

For something more sorrowful and pensive that strikes a chord with audiences, try ‘Yearning Regret’. The track is beautifull understated and not too distracting, making it perfect for thoughtful scenes.

From This High Up

If a track was ever made for a scene, it’s this one. Think documentary or even a vlog that needs a dramatic Cinematic Rock introduction or overlay for an aerial shot. This track has it all: intensity, intrigue and balances between building up, exploding and pulling back.

More Film Sound Design Music

Audiosocket music licensing music for filmmakers where to find music

Audiosocket music licensing music for filmmakers where to find music

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