In this episode of the Audiosocket podcast we delve into the transformative world of artificial intelligence and its profound effects on the realms of music and copyright law. Joining us is Jacqueline Charlesworth, an esteemed attorney at Charlesworth Law and former General Counsel at the U.S. Copyright Office. Her unique perspective illuminates the complex dance between rapid technological growth and the legal frameworks that struggle to keep pace.

Who is Jacqueline Charlesworth?

Jacqueline Charlesworth brings a deep reservoir of expertise to our discussion. Having navigated the highest echelons of copyright law, her insights are invaluable for anyone creating in today’s digital age. In this episode, she shares not only her professional journey but also practical advice on how creators can safeguard their works amidst the AI revolution.

Exploring AI’s Dual Edges

Throughout the episode, we explore the dual edges of AI in creative industries: its challenges and its opportunities. From the nuances of collective licensing models that promise more equitable revenue streams for smaller creators, to the cutting-edge tools designed to protect content online, Jacqueline sheds light on how creators can harness AI responsibly.

The conversation also ventures into critical legal advice, particularly regarding contract negotiations in the AI era—ensuring creators do not inadvertently relinquish their rights.

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