In this latest episode of our podcast series, we are thrilled to introduce a compelling and timely discussion that explores the intricate landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) as it intersects with the worlds of technology, law, and global policy. Our distinguished guest, Jon Zieger, co-founder of Responsible Innovation Labs and a seasoned expert in the legal and ethical dimensions of technology, joins Audiosocket’s CEO Jenn Anderson-Miller for an insightful conversation.

Who is Jon Zieger?

Jon Zieger brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this conversation. As the associate General Counsel at Microsoft and ex-general counsel at Stripe, his insights are rooted in first-hand experiences at the forefront of tech innovation. Zieger’s journey and his current role at Responsible Innovation Labs spotlight his commitment to bridging the gap between rapid technological advancements and responsible, ethical practices.

A Dive into AI’s Complex Role

The episode takes a deep dive into the multi-faceted role of AI in today’s tech-driven world. Zieger and Anderson-Miller unpack how AI is not just a tool for innovation but also a complex entity that poses unique challenges in legal and policy frameworks globally. They explore the balancing act between fostering innovation and ensuring ethical compliance, a task that has become increasingly crucial as AI technologies become more integrated into our daily lives.

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