Today, Audiosocket is thrilled to announce its partnership with NCH Software in a move that will help enhance digital storytelling across NCH’s top-tier editing tools. 

With this collaboration, Audiosocket’s catalog of professionally curated music and SFX will be directly integrated into NCH Software‘s impressive product lineup of creator tools. Users can now tap into the same music catalog that world-class brands and elite Hollywood studios count on for their signature sounds while working directly inside of NCH’s VideoPad Video Editor, WavePad Audio Editor, MixPad Multitrack Mixer, and PhotoStage Slideshow Maker. 

Audiosocket is all about powering creators to tell better stories using the right soundtrack. By partnering with NCH, a company that shares our commitment to championing creativity, we’re delighted to bring our wide range of music and sound effects to an even broader audience of creators.

From the pulsating energy of pop to the soulful echo of Blues, from the electrifying riffs of Rock to the suspense-filled notes of Mystery, NCH users now have the opportunity to elevate their work with the rhythm and soul of Audiosocket’s trailblazing indie bands, DJs and composers. 

Whether you’re a fan of classic Country twang or the futuristic vibes of EDM, Audiosocket’s deep and diverse catalog boasts over 250 genres to cater to any taste. Inside NCH Software’s suite of tools, users can navigate it all in a few intuitive clicks to search by genre, theme, mood, and more.

With this partnership, we invite you to discover the perfect soundtrack to amplify your stories using Audiosocket music right from within NCH’s Software.

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