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We all know that music plays a huge part in the impact of a film scene. There is a wide range out there when it comes to music for filmmakers and it can be a little daunting to find the perfect track. But don’t fear – we’ve made it easier for you! Here are our picks for tracks that will take your film to the next level, organised by scene type.

Music For Filmmakers: Our Top Picks

Romantic Scenes

Music for romantic scenes love songs music for filmmakers

Letting Go 404 is a beautiful emotional folk track by Dimiter Yordanov with moving lyrics and harmonies that invite goosebumps. This track would be a welcome addition to a romantic kiss scene, or nostalgic flashbacks.

Looking for an exciting, love-themed Electro Pop smash to narrate a love story? Look no further than In Your Eyes 404 by Rampant! Perfect for a Summer scene or relationship montage.

Sad Scenes

If you’re looking for a tearjerker, Stay 404 by Natalie Duque is perfect. With soaring vocals and emotional piano, this track will heighten scenes centering around break-ups, heartbreak or loss.

Dramatic Scenes

Dramatic scenes cinematic music for films music for filmmakers

Whether you are showing a battle scene, violence, or simply need a dose of heavy cinematic drama, Voltaria is the track for you. With swelling strings, hard-hitting drums and even electronic elements… think Requiem For A Dream in 2020.

Looking for something Cinematic with a dark, angry edge? Enter Adrenaline 404. This one gets your heart rate up, has a grand sense of action and would be the perfect addition to action sequences.

Happy Scenes

What says happiness like Funk? Is This Love 404 is an infectious, upbeat instrumental Funk track guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your body moving.

If you want to convey a relaxed, mellow type of happiness then take a peek at Color 404. It’s the type of track that you imagine playing whilst you’re riding on the freeway with the windows down in the summer.

80s / Flashback Scenes

80s music to license music for filmmakers music licensing

Yearbook 1985 by Finishing Move, Inc would sound incredible in a movie like the TV show Stranger Things. With tantalising synth and nostalgic drum machines, this track will instantly transport your listeners back to the good old days.

Indie Film Vibes

Telephone 404 by Shiffley is a slice of Indie Rock perfection. We picture this track playing over establishing shots of smalltown teenagers falling in love, causing trouble and navigating life.

Even More Music For Filmmakers

Audiosocket music licensing music for filmmakers where to find music

At Audiosocket, we have over 80,000 tracks and 2,000 sound effects for you to use in your movies. Not only that, but you can search by mood, genre, tempo and so on to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. These include moods such as Scary, Exciting and even Silly! If these aren’t specific enough for you, check out our themed playlists. Starting from $10 a month, you can have unlimited access to tracks that will bring your movie to life. Get started now!

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