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Shoutout to all content creators: Please avoid the pitfalls of wasting time trying to find free music to use on YouTube! If you compromise on important video features, such as music, sound and video quality, you run the risk of stunting your channel’s growth. Read on to find out why free tunes are such a disaster.

What’s Wrong With Free Music to Use on YouTube?

There are lots of problems with selecting free songs to use for your video content. Whether you’re looking for background, bed, intro, outro or accent music, the quality is obvious to your audience. YouTube viewers are used to watching content where the visuals, audio and editing are spot-on. Free tunes are a one-track ticket to mediocrity.

The Problem With YouTube’s Free Audio Library

You might be asking yourself the question, surely I can use the free YouTube music library? Well, you could — but you risk slowing down the growth of your channel for two main reasons.

Free Music Licenses Are Constantly Changing

The main reason we recommend avoiding the free music library on YouTube is because its policies are ever-changing.

Say the creator decides they don’t want to license their track anymore, then your video gets flagged by Content ID.

If the video was monetized, you’ll lose revenue and need to take it down and re-upload it. Doing this with all of your content means you’ll waste more time playing whack-a-mole with Content ID than creating and editing videos.

Poor Quality Music and Samey Sounds Stifle Your Brand

Low-quality is the buzzword for most of the free music you’ll find in YouTube’s library. It’s also true of no-copyright music you’ll find elsewhere on the internet.

It’s not only about audio quality itself, mind you. You should also be wary of using free music for YouTube because there will be tons of other people using it. Establishing yourself as a distinct brand with a unique offering is much harder if you use the same music as everyone else.

What Is Music Licensing?

The reason you can’t record a song from your phone or upload a random MP3 is copyright law. You need a license to play music to make sure the person who wrote and performed gets fair remuneration. Additionally, the technicians who recorded it and the record company who distribute it need recompense. The only way to do this is by obtaining two licenses, a synchronization license and a master license.

Obtaining these two licenses for each clip or track you want to play on your YouTube channel is expensive. Not only expensive in terms of money — but also time. Try negotiating with two major copyright holders at once who have little interest in supporting smaller YouTube channels.

How to Leverage Royalty-Free and Pre-Cleared Music for YouTube

The best way to get affordable music for your YouTube channel is by using a music licensing company. We do all the hard work for you so you can get on with attracting more subscribers.

Quality and Originality Drive Growth

With pre-cleared music from Audiosocket, you get the best of both worlds. We vet each song for quality and get the licenses sorted so you can benefit from a huge library of unique tracks.

Get Pre-Cleared Music For Your Content Today

If you’re getting into the game of content creation, you’re already one step ahead of the curve. Make sure you deliver consistent quality in every aspect of your output. Come and hear for youself by browsing our awesome music here.

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