One of the first queries budding content creators have is what music can I use on YouTube? If you’re asking this question, you’ve come to the right place. Grab a snack, get comfy and read on to discover how to use music on YouTube like a pro.

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Music is essential for YouTube videos.

Music and YouTube

Whether you’re creating video content for a client or immersed in your personal passion project, music is non-negotiable when it comes to videos. While we rely on vision to take in the information we see on-screen, sound adds tension, emotion and mood. Ads, films, fitness videos, comedy, challenges, unboxing, educational and even make-up tutorial videos are all enhanced by a musical soundtrack.

Sound has a profound impact on us psychologically, and you can use this to your advantage to drive your audience’s thoughts and feelings. If you can get the music right, you’ll captivate viewers and increase likes, shares and boost subscriber numbers. If viewers notice low-quality music, or they’ve heard it before on other YouTube channels, they’re likely to click onto the next video.

Avoid Breaking Copyright Law

It’s tempting to simply add your favorite commercial songs to your YouTube videos. However, in the United States, copyright law ensures that those who break it can face some steep penalties. Google has ensured that YouTube isn’t liable in case of breaches — you are. Not only are you putting your video at risk of getting taken down, but repeat breaches could result in the cancellation of your channel.

Even more pertinent is the fact that adding music without permission is a huge diss to the creator of that song. It’s important that you cultivate a professional image and treat others as you’d want people to treat you.

At the same time, using free music from the YouTube music library or elsewhere online puts you at risk of seeming uninspired and repetitive. Don’t worry though — there is music for YouTube that’s affordable, is original and gives the artist the kudos they deserve. This leads us to answer what may be your next question.

What Music Can I Use on YouTube?

There are several options for getting music added to your YouTube videos. The most expensive and time-consuming option would be to obtain two licenses: a master and a synchronization license. These are necessary to use music written and performed by a recording artist and that recording is, more often than not, owned by a record company. This process involves lengthy contracts and negotiations that simply aren’t practical for someone who wants to put out content regularly.

Pre-cleared music is your best bet for getting awesome tracks that make your YouTube content stand out above the crowd. You can sign up to music licensing websites and gain access to huge libraries of carefully chosen songs created by upcoming, independent artists. We do all the negotiating and boring copyright stuff so you don’t have to. It’s easy to search by genre and discover music that performs the same function as the popular track you originally had in mind. You even get the option to create your own music working directly with the musicians.

Why Audiosocket?

If you’re thinking seriously about creating YouTube content, the absolute minimum amount of videos you should create each week is one. That said, viewers love creators who put out videos on a more regular basis — with daily being the dream. This means you need pretty much constant access to the right music for YouTube.

At Audiosocket, we have a vast catalog of music. It’s sorted into categories that make it easy for you to find exactly the song you’re looking for.

Be Original and Show Off Your Creative Skills

When you choose from a curated library, you’re not clogging up your channel with the same free music for YouTube as everyone else. While you’re carving out your niche, you need to stand out as much as possible. Audiosocket can help you do this. Did you know, our music is used by top Brands and Hollywood Studios? Check out recent work here.

Customize Your Video’s Soundtrack: Work With Upcoming, Independent Artists

We have custom packages that let you work with emerging musicians to create your very own original pieces of music. If you’re a YouTube filmmaker or you create ads, you might need full control over backing tracks and accent music. Directing the entire creative process is one of the best ways to make your YouTube channel stand out for all the right reasons.

If you’ve ever dreamed of collaborating directly with artists to make your vision come to life, this is an excellent opportunity. You never know, you might end up working with the next Billie Eilish!

Curated Quality Music From Audiosocket

One of the main reasons YouTube creators love working with us is the guarantee of quality. Recording artists, session musicians, singers, producers and DJs send us tons of tracks every week. We stand out from other royalty-free stock libraries because we don’t accept everything that booms out of our speakers. Our team carefully curates each playlist to ensure we’re only offering the highest quality music for YouTube available.

Our playlists are sorted into categories, such as animation, podcast radio, female empowerment, cinematic and trailer music. In fact, there are over 120 different categories to choose from. As such, content creators can find the perfect match for their YouTube video without any fuss.

Kick-Off Your YouTube Creator Career Today

All in all, it’s crucial that you dedicate time and careful consideration to the type of music you use for your content. If you leave it as an afterthought or opt for easy-to-find free music for YouTube, you could stifle your channel’s growth. Check out Audiosocket’s Playlists to get started and then see our Pricing, which starts at $10/month for affordable high-quality music for your videos.

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