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All content creators have been there. It’s your first project and you spend hours, maybe days, finding out how to secure that hit song. Once you discover that it’s going to cost hundreds — even thousands of dollars — you’re bummed because you’ve wasted so much time. Pre-cleared music, also known as “one-stop” music catalogs is the simple answer for any prolific creative; whether adverts, television, film, corporate video or streaming is your forte.

Elevator music and canned beats are things of the past. Read on to find out how production music catalogs have evolved over the years and why you should be using them.

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1. Fast and Easy to Access So You Can Focus on Content

As we all know, online shopping is fast, convenient and saves unnecessary stress. Searching for music for videos online in a catalog like the one at Audiosocket is exactly the same.

Relying on old-fashioned methods of finding music for YouTube and trying to obtain the necessary licenses is a long-process. If you thought you only needed to seek permission from the artist who wrote the track, you’d be wrong. A synchronization license covers the intellectual copyright, but you’d also need a master license to cover the recording itself.

With pre-cleared music, you can wave goodbye to lengthy contracts, buy-outs, studio sessions and negotiations.

2. High-Quality Songs for Streaming, Film or Adverts

Once upon a time, it was a huge challenge to try to find a good track on a pre-cleared collection on CD or DVD. You’d need to rifle through hundreds of songs to find one that was well recorded — let alone suitable for your video.

Nowadays, pre-cleared libraries are jam-packed with excellent songs for YouTube created by independent musicians and producers. You can use these awesome tunes to bring your video content to life.

3. Work With Upcoming Musicians

If you’re disappointed that you won’t be able to use that Rihanna smash hit, don’t fear. Instead of using music that’s already well-known, you can become a trailblazer. A tastemaker. Up and coming musicians use production music libraries as a way of getting their name out into the world.

If you’ve got a good ear for sound, you could end up using the next big superstar’s music for your film or YouTube video. One of the best things about using this type of music is the knowledge that the artist gets paid fairly.

4. Save Money By Using Pre-Cleared Music Catalogs for Videos

One of the most obvious reasons to use a pre-cleared catalog is the low cost. Back in the day, that might have meant a compromise on quality. However, thanks to the reasons already mentioned, they have a better reputation than ever before.

That said, free music downloads can be a huge headache. In addition to not knowing if you’re complying with copyright law, you risk getting poor quality songs. You’re almost always better off using a music catalog service that provides all the rights you need upfront. This reduces the risk of misunderstanding and extensive lawsuits that can come as a result of free music agreements.

5. Pre-cleared Music Can Work With Film, Ads and YouTube

Pre-cleared catalogs for YouTube, adverts, films and corporate videos is perfect for busy content creators. You’ll find the keepers of these awesome libraries organize them into distinct categories, so it’s super convenient to search and license. You can search music by genre, tempo, mood, themes, instruments and keywords.

6. Find Specific Music for Your Project

Instead of using free music for Youtube videos which is largely low-quality and poorly organized, use a curated music library. If you can’t find the music you need by browsing, you can try Audiosocket’s custom curation service.

With the curation option, you work directly with in-house creatives to find the perfect track. Or, if you have the budget, you can work directly with artists to create songs that sound like your expensive first choice but for a fraction of the cost. It also gives you the ultimate control over how your finished video turns out.

7. Choose From a Broad Range of Tunes

YouTube royalty-free music libraries are bursting at the seams with excellent music for you to use. You can purchase tracks on a one-off basis or subscribe for unlimited use. This is ideal for people who need soundtracks, music beds, background music, intros, outros and branding.

Start Using High-Quality Pre-Cleared Music Today

Get the best music for your videos here at Audiosocket. We work with some the hottest upcoming talent in the music industry. Subscribe to our service and get instant access to our entire catalog of songs and Sound Design. Use as many tracks as you need for a small monthly fee.

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