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PAHLR Midas Touch new music release audiosocket licensing

Thanks for joining us to take a look at our brand new music from the end of October. We can’t wait to share our new additions with you! This week, we’ll be treating you to some infectious funk, romantic adventure, heartbreaking vocals and more. To hear all about these tracks and the incredible talents behind them, stick with us!

Our Top Picks: New Music


PAHLR Midas Touch new music release audiosocket licensing

Midas Touch – If this track doesn’t instantly make you want to bop then… are you okay? This silky smooth funky jam gives us a heavy dose of feel good soul. It’s got everything from catchy vocal hooks to an epic guitar solo. How we wish we could hear this one in a club!


VETA ft ellie sparagno don't go new music audiosocket

Don’t Go (feat. Ellie Sparagno) – With serene beauty and sincerity, this track is heartache at it’s core. Ellie Sparagno’s lush voice sends you on a journey of learning and longing long after the love is lost. There’s strings, there’s piano… and a whole lot of emotion tied into a beautiful contemporary package.


simplify make it back new music release audiosocket music licensing

  • Make It Back – We personally think that this gritty, dusty romantic adventure sits works perfectly for a road trip. A perfect combination of high flying guitar solos and inspiring synth leads, it’s one not to be missed.
  • Slow It Down (feat. Gontar) This is one hard hitting Industrial Anthem. Rife with thick distortion, pounding drum machines and a Growling Bass, it’s one that’s out for blood! If that’s not enough, add in the army of Cinematic brass, epic percussion and banshee Pop vocals, and you can’t top this sinister yet seductive track.
  • Falls Apart This Alternative landscape of foggy emotion and swirling synthesizers is perfectly matched with edgy rock guitars, moody acoustic strumming and a blistering analog lead. Be sure to check this one out!

Anton Dakanto

anton dakanto muay thai new music release audiosocket licensing

  • Muay Thai – Allow this exotic, underground Lo-Fi jam to whisk you away to far off lands and new adventures. This is a truly hypnotizing track that experiments with expressive, exotic strings that inspires introspective discovery and intrigue.

I Want To Hear These Awesome Tracks!

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audiosocket music licensing company logo

Well, why wouldn’t you? To listen to all of these brilliant tracks, head to our brand new playlist. Don’t forget to let us know which is your favorite!

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