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Ambient music clips make great beds, background transitions and intro music and much more. This genre of electric music can be chopped up and used in any way you see fit — provided you get permission from the artist.

What Is Ambient Music?

Ambient music uses texture and mood instead of the song structures and rhythms you’d expect. This makes it an awesome choice for background music, films and movie trailers. It also works with meditation videos, yoga, education and any YouTube video intended to be calming, creepy, reflective or dreamy. In fact, it can conjure tons of different vibes.

A record of atmospheric ambient music plays on vinyl

Ambient music for YouTube on vinyl

The 10 Best Ambient Music Artists

1. Jonathan Headley

Jonathan Headley creates ambient music for commercial use. This means you can download a track from Audiosocket and use it any way you like. Ambient music loops are popular — but there are seemingly endless applications for this genre of music.

2. Johnny Fiasco

Johnny Fiasco’s songs have an epic, futuristic quality to them that lends itself perfectly to the big screen. Some of his more haunting work is well-suited to content with horror, avant-garde or suspense themes.

3. A New Normal

A New Normal produces ambient songs with an optimistic and gentle sound that works well with ad campaigns or educational videos.

4. Michael Ayars

Michael Ayars creates gentle, reflective songs that would chime with a message about wellness, meditation or yoga.

5. This Patch of Sky

This Patch of Sky creates lush, sprawling tracks that could have a variety of applications, from adverts to background music, films and educational videos.

6. The Known Sea

The Known Sea is another versatile ambient music outfit. The songs have a new age feel to them and tend to feature a lot of easily sampled clips and sounds.

7. Timothy Mann

Timothy Mann’s music has a highly textured sound and conjures dreamy images. Excellent for backing music, title screens or advertising.

8. Abstract Aprils

Abstract Aprils create intriguing and tense songs with more than a hint of emotion. There’s a sense of tension in their music that makes them a good fit for films or nature documentaries.

9. The Frozen Ocean

The Frozen Ocean’s ambient music ranges from dark, complex string and synthesizer sounds to chilling cinematic tracks. They also create intriguing instrumental tracks that make great background incidental music, ads and educational videos.

10. Tear Ceremony

Tear Ceremony makes ambient music that’s brimming with texture and atmosphere — and more than just a bit creepy.

Find a Sweet Backing Track Today

No matter what type of videos you create for your YouTube channel, you’ll probably need to use ambient music at some point. Join Audiosocket and start using the best pre-cleared ambient music for films, YouTube, adverts or personal projects today. You’ll find over 100 different categories of music on playlists that are curated with content creators in mind.

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