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Welcome to our round up from mid-October. We are super excited to share some of our exciting new music! This week, we are featuring a peppering of pop, some lashes of hip-hop and a sprinkling of cinematic wonder. If you want to hear all about these tracks and the artists behind them, keep reading!

Our Top Picks: New Music

Anton Dakanto

anton dakanto music audiosocket music licensing library artist catalog

Russian hip-hop artist Anton Dakanto is inspired by everything from graffiti and street art to stickers! Here are some of his standout tracks:

  • Mist – A light Lo-Fi track, with a real feeling of clouds and mist. The track is introspective and eclectic, representing both the beauty and mystery of mist itself.
  • Changcheng – A true encompassing of many inspirations! This track intertwines deep dub-style bass throbs with ethnic strings, retro video game effects and zany keyboard melodies. We think it’s perfect for sports montages and, of course, video game sequences!
  • Pu’er – Think of this as a fermented tea of a track. It is rife with ethnic string plucks, analog FX and throbbing 808s. This sophisticated and bizarre beat is sure to raise an eyebrow!


brad couture vestevent music audiosocket new music library

Vestevent is a product of composer Brad Couture. Ranging from minimalistic, ambient piano arrangements to full orchestral swells backed by a blanket of synthesizers, Vestevent paints perfect cinematic soundscapes.

Voltaria – Think of this track as a cool blanket of morning mist on flat water, with lush pads and sparkling bells. Then, comes a bell toll from the dark, cold depths, lurching above the surface with chord blasts and epic orchestral percussion. Light the match and let it burn slow!

Tiffany Lee

tiffany lee all that matters music audiosocket music licensing catalog

Songwriter Tiffany Lee from Arkansas blends strong lyrics with articulate grooves in her smoky pop tracks. Currently, she is embracing a more progressive indie pop sound with dynamic vocals… and we’re so excited to hear more! Perfect if you like sobering lyrics and sweeping melodies.

All That Matters – A floating carpet ride of feel-good romantic adventure. Listen out for the pure and sincere heart-throbbing harmonies. When you can’t put love into words, ‘All That Matters’ has you covered.


Rap king MacTilla‘s hip-hop tracks entice and burrow their way into your brain for days on end! Read here to hear about his tracks:

  • Get Krazy Feeling motivated and ready to show the world what you’ve got? This is a track for champions – and we love it!
  • Go Hard MacTilla is your guy if you’re ready to shut down the haters. This track features lush string staccatos and heft 808s. True heavy hitting fire for going hard instead of going home!
  • Dark Drill This track has it all – bizarre string loops, bouncy pizzicato string patters and wobbly, galloping basslines. All of these combine to create a crazy drill of intense emotional introspection. This track is perfect for getting psyched up before a big moment.

Josh Collopy

josh collopy boomboomxmas new music audiosocket music library highlights

BOOMBOOMXMAS – Josh makes Christmas Music fun again. I mean, DAMN! That Swagger can’t be denied, with banging 808 drum jams, brassy stabs, circus horns and clowns. Christmas just got crazy!

I Want To Hear These Awesome Tracks!

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We don’t blame you! To listen to all of these incredible tracks, head to our brand new playlist. Don’t forget to let us know which is your favorite!

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