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Welcome back to our New Music Weekly. This week we’ve got songs about Margaritas, some great new Country and epic Orchestral tracks. Stay tuned to hear more about our newest music!


duddy new music new release audiosocket music licensing heroine dark

Heroine Dark – If you’re not ready to let go of Halloween yet, this track is for you. Featuring demonic vocal FX and an ominous, growing army of orchestral madness, this track brings the most apocalyptic and destructive drum sequences ever. Think face-melting trailer goodness.

L.M.N.O.P. – What does LMNOP stand for? We’re not sure, but that’s half the fun! This track is a loud, epic and heroic adventure all about finding liberation. A perfect Pop/Hip Hop extravaganza, LMNOP features beastly 808s, searing crescendos and catchy vocal hooks. Whether its one more rep, one more lap or one more round, this is the track to get you there.

Reda Haddioui

Reda Haddioui new music producer audiosocket

Thank God For Margaritas – It’s Friday, and this is the feel-good Friday song. We are obsessed with this song, and it’s definitely a message that lots of us can relate to.

Alone Together – With a statement such as “We all feel alone together”, this song was made for 2020. Make way for feel-good, anthemic vibes and catchy chorus hooks with a positive message.

Time Runs Out – If you’re looking for a heartfelt track that gets you in the feels, this is it. The message is that essentially, life is short, and you better make the best of it. This track is summarised by a head bobbing beat, , tasteful acoustic guitar, sassy snaps and a catchy lyrical flow.

What You Give Comes Back To You – More 2020 relevance here, with a positive message about personal growth, humility and how we treat one another and the world we live in. So, take a deep breath and get back to basics by remembering that what you give does in fact come back to you.

Sarah Ozelle

sarah ozelle new music weekly audiosocket singer songwriter

Work In Progress Think Maroon 5, then think Sheryl Crow, and add in some R&B flair. This is one seriously soulful and heartfelt Journey that we can all relate to. Because if we’re being honest, we’re all a work in progress.

Swimming Through Fire – This track’s bluesy Americana vibes drives us most of the way home, but when that guitar solo kicks in, things get spicy real quick. With ethnic hand drums, jangly acoustic guitar, Latin brass stabs and a funky beat, this track is Top 40 Adult Contemporary Perfection!

Natalie Duque

natalie duque stay cover art break up songs new music weekly audiosocket

Stay – This breakup ballad is sure to cut to the core, with soaring melodies and lonely piano. It’s all about wishing there was more time, wondering what could have been done differently and realizing that, all along, it wouldn’t have even mattered.

Veaceslav Draganov

Veaceslav Draganov artist audiosocket new music lo fi hip hop music

Takeoff – Takeoff features dusty drum machines, cloudy trumpet lines and a vinyl vibe that’s ideal for any Urban tale. Think laid back, Lo-Fi merged with underground Hip-Hop instrumental. Perfect for introspective montage moments, scene transitions or simply the morning commute to work.

Magnet – This has all the feel-good, underground Hip Hop vibes one will ever need. With an infectious and catchy beat loop, this robotic instrumental jam is perfect for promos, advertisements and dialog scenes.

Matthew Raetzel

matthew raetzel new music audiosocket the golden realm orchestral music

The Golden Realm – Bring on the Hollywood glory! From soaring strings, epic Orchestral percussion and a heavenly choir, this track has all the heroic happenings needed to bring in the next big superhero action adventure. If it’s traditional Hollywood scoring you’re after, then Matthew has all the answers!

I Want To Hear These Awesome Tracks!

audiosocket music licensing company new music playlist new releases

audiosocket music licensing company new music playlist new releases

Why would you not? To listen to all of these incredible tracks, head to our brand new playlist. Enjoy!

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