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Welcome back to another week of New Music Weekly! This week, we have orchestral and cinematic tracks perfect for trailers, warm ambient and disco funk! Read on to hear all about what’s new, and to listen to these epic tracks.

Paul Werner

We’ve got orchestral action bumpers like “Exciting Future“. This track is perfect for that Superhero moment, or when that car changes into a planet-saving robot. Then, we switch gears into a moody, alt-rock landscape in “Far From Home”, which is perfect for rock montages of all sizes. Another highlight is “Funky House”, which is perfect for that next fashion show or product release.

Slowburn cinematic action trailer sounds like “Eclipse” and “Fates Calling” are perfect for clients looking to mimic the emotions of composers like Hans Zimmer, while “Endless Travel” provides a lush, ambient bed for travel and exploration.

Push It – Big Man

“Push It” is all about going past your limits, dominating who you are and never backing down from your goals. With massive orchestral percussion, epic amounts of cinematic swagger and Hollywood style brass blasts, this Pop Hip-Hop trailer has all the action-packed motivation anyone could ask for.

After The Rain – Duddy

Smooth and sultry, ambient and warm, this steady moving and driving Pop Club track is perfect for blasting down the freeway, or enjoying a summer day. With some nostalgic new wave sensations, this is one dreamy track full of discovery and wonder.

It’s A Good Night – Pahler

Bring on the Funk, and mix in some disco vibes… now it’s a good night! If your hips ain’t moving with this one, then we are seriously concerned. So stop what you’re doing, jump on top of your desk, or your car, and get groovy.

I Want To Listen!

audiosocket music licensing new music weekly music catalog

audiosocket music licensing new music weekly music catalog

We thought you might! To check out this great mix of tracks, head to our brand new playlist. Enjoy!

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