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We’re back for yet another week of New Music Weekly. This week, we have mysterious Trap, a track about Carol Baskin (yes, really) and feel-good Pop! Read on to hear all about what’s new, and to listen to these epic tracks.

My Tone – K Sparks

my tone k sparks music audiosocket music licensing new music weekly

This track is deep, dark and mysterious Trap wrapped around positive self-talk and determination. It’s badass, but in slow motion. Being on top can be a lonely place, as being at the top of the food chain doesn’t leave room for much company. But hey, there can be only one champion, and it might as well be you!


syncro new music weekly audiosocket music licensing

From the upright bass swagger of Premierino to the sparkly stutter glitch beat that is Pioggia; Syncro has some seriously infectious beats and hooks for all things TV, Ads and Promos. Pioggia is largely percussion based, with dynamic drum beats and a beautifully lazy synth hook that’s sure to keep you hanging on. Premierino should have your head bobbing and your hips swaying, with some spy-like swagger and Urban leanings.


raman roman a thief's end new music weekly audiosocket music licensing

The Key – That feel-good Acoustic Guitar combined with sunshiney snaps sure set the Pop tone, and with epic cinematic drums, rock guitars and some thick Synth work, you’ve got the key to a stellar Pop offering.

A Thief’s End – Dramatic string legatos and lush pads are in no way an indicator of the swagger that is to come here! After 20 seconds of pure emotion, a filthy 808 swagger drops in and doesn’t let up.

Beyond The Sun – This is the Pop song of the week, for sure! We’ve got Pop emo guitar riffs, soaring diva vocals, searing Synth leads and an empowering lyrical message we can all get behind in times like these.

Jordn Crow

jordn crow new music weekly audiosocket music licensing

Why Jordan – Even without the cuss words, this is one sassy, yet macho, swaggerific kicker. I’m loving the bubbly and bouncy 808 breaks, the clever lyrical flow and the in-your-face arrogant attitude this track brings.

Carol Baskin – It’s 2020, so naturally, there are songs about Carol Baskin. Not only does this track pack a serious Hip-Hop punch, there’s an uncomfortable and anxious vibe underneath the beats that really give this track a dark and brooding feel. Ominous intrigue, here we go!

On My Mind – This track is a hot, sweaty, sexy, love fest. If this track doesn’t have you turning down the lights, then it will turn them down for you.

Global Gangster – Duddy

Ethnic hand drums clash with exotic winds and mystical metallurgic melodies. This is a big, bold and worldly Urban Cinematic adventure, perfect for action sports, workout montages or a batallion of Marines flying over the desert as they embark on a new mission.

I Want To Listen

audiosocket music licensing company new music weekly playlist

audiosocket music licensing company new music weekly playlist

We don’t blame you! Check out these awesome tracks in our brand new playlist.

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