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Earlier in the year, Audiosocket CEO Jenn Anderson-Miller teamed up with music business education company Ari’s Take to talk about all things sync licensing. We think our readers will find the discussion helpful, so we’re here to tell you all about it. Keep reading to find out more information and check out the collaboration video and podcast packed full of helpful tips!

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Who Is Ari?

Before we introduce Ari’s Take, let’s talk about the man himself – Ari.

The CEO of Ari’s Take is Ari Herstand, a trained musician and music business entrepreneur who has performed on Ellen with Thirty Seconds to Mars, starred on various TV shows, opened for Ron Pope and the Milk Carton Kids and much, much more.

Ari’s book How to Make It in the New Music Business hit #1 on Amazon in 3 categories and is currently taught by over 300 universities around the country. Now in its second edition. Music Connection Magazine called it “the best how-to book of its kind.” Forbes cited it as “indispensable.” And Rolling Stone reviewed it as “witty, wise and comprehensive.”

What Is Ari’s Take?

ari's take music business blog youtube podcast ari herstand audiosocket collab music sync

Ari’s Take is a music business education and artist advocacy company focusing on empowering musicians, run by CEO and founder, Ari Herstand. The company’s mission is to help artists create and sustain successful careers in the new music business. Ari’s Take run a YouTube channel, blog, podcast and more.

Ari’s Take also operate Ari’s Academy. Founded in 2018 by Ari himself, the academy looks to change the music business education status quo, offering tools, guidance, strategies and pathways to success. Taught by working music industry professionals and featuring managers, agents, A&R, promoters, musicians, talent buyers and other successful industry players, the academy shares interviews, guest lectures, Q&A’s, listening sessions and more.

Audiosocket x Ari’s Take: Talking Sync Licensing

Now that you know all about Ari and Ari’s Take – let’s move onto Audiosocket’s work with them this year!

Earlier this year, our CEO and founder Jenn Anderson-Miller teamed up with Ari’s Take to provide education, tips and knowledge in the area of sync licensing.

This discussion features talking points such as:

  • Who both Audiosocket and ASX are and what their functions are (plus our placements)
  • Micro licensing and how it works
  • Clearing music licenses
  • Making money as an artist on a company licensing an entire catalog
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive tracks
  • Tips for getting more sync placements for artists
  • Building relationships with music supervisors vs working with a sync agent
  • How Audiosocket negotiates credits for artists
  • Ari’s Take Academy student questions
  • How to get your music into Audiosocket’s catalog
  • What it means to Jenn to make it in the music industry

Where Can I Watch Or Listen?

If you prefer video format, check out the YouTube video here (or watch below):

Podcasts more your thing? Choose your preferred podcast platform and get listening here.

Final Thoughts

audiosocket logo

Jenn had a blast talking everything sync licensing with Ari’s Take – so a big thanks to Ari and the team for taking the time to sit down and talk sync. We share our passion for artists with Ari’s Take, and at Audiosocket, we also strive to empower and support artists and creatives.

If you want to hear more about us, check out our library of over 85,000 tracks, plus Sound Effects & Sound Design to use in your creations. And if you’re interested in getting your tracks placed in our catalog, you can submit your music here.

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